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My Top Pins #Week-1

Each week I bring you my favourite enamel pins from some of the most creative artists I find.

First off is the nostalgic Green Gameboy Pin from @Trusted_Vibes. These pins are beyond awesome, I even had this exact green gameboy myself! It should arrive in the next couple of days so I'll throw up my photo then! 



Next up has to be the Bender Shake from @t_cruz. I'm a die-hard Futurama fan so I really appreciate this!


A photo posted by T.C. (@t_crux) on


Finally the Sneaker Box pin from @_parrilla is amazing. Everything from the backing card to the colours is perfect. Check out the Sneaker Box pin:


That wraps up my top pins this week, Also guys I'm excited for my new pin that's in production. Remember the Spongebob episode Frankendoodle? This guy is coming back as the Doodlebob Pins are in production and are being made by the awesome @MadeByCooper. Pre-order now! :)