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Fantastic Pins and where to find them

It's coming! I kept it quiet for a while but I have some pins coming very soon! One of them is a beautiful stained glass bowtruckle names Pickett.

You might have seen him in the movie Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.

Pickett was a Bowtruckle that was kept by Newt Scamander as a pet. Although he had at least six Bowtruckles[1] (Pickett, but also Titus, Finn, Jeremy, Marlow, and Tom), Newt was especially fond of Pickett, and even carried him around in his top pocket, because Pickett had attachment issues. - taken from

Now is your chance to look after your own little Bowtruckle, these 2 inch stained glass pins are available for pre-order and will be dispatching just after Christmas.  We got a teaser picture of him, take a look:

pickett newt pin

Let us know what you think! :)