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How to design lapel pins?

I get asked a lot about how do I design my enamel pins, how to do the mock-ups and where I get my ideas from. I'll put together just some quick tips and tricks that hopefully you find helpful!

Designing the Pin:

So right now I use Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator isn't free (well the real version isn't 😉  ) but before I had Illustrator I used a mix of Gimp and Both seriously awesome and totally free. 

Here's a list of free software to check out:

I use a Wacom tablet and a keyboard and mouse. Just remember to keep your designs crisp, and using solid colours works best.


For me, I like to make pins and stickers that I like, it's always a plus when you like them! 

Find something you're passionate about or that makes you happy and go for it!

If you have any questions, let me know :)