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Wait, who was wearing the Hank Scorpio Pin? 😱

So I was recently tagged in a photo on Twitter, and I know it sounds cheesy but I felt such a sense of pride to see one of The Simpsons editors reppin' our Hank Scorpio Pin.   Chris Ledesma, one of the editor of Simpsons (edits the music on every single episode) was pictured with our pin. Thanks for the support Chris ❤️   Final dub underway for #TheSimpsons WABF13 LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBART, airing this Sunday on FOX. @SimpPins #HankScorpio #zoomcloser — Chris Ledesma (@mxedtr) 26 April 2017    Check out his Twitter here: Chris Ledesma and our Hank Scorpio pin can be found by clicking here! 

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New Simpsons Pins!

Can't argue with the little things, it's the little things that make up life - Hank Scorpio  One of my favorite characters Hank Scorpio is now available for purchase on our store. Double clutched 1.2 inch soft enamel pin. It looks glorious! Check it out here: Hammocks-R-Us   New pin just dropped 🎉 My favourite character with some of the best quotes. Hank Scorpio Pins are on my store now, the link is in the bio 🎈 📍 #SimpPins #enamelpins #pins #pinstagram #hankscorpio #pinsforsale #bootlegbart #pin #lapelpins #pingame #pinsforsale #pingame #pingamestrong #pinsofig #pinlife #pinnation #pinboard #pinning #instadaily #simpsons #pincollector #simpsonpins #pingameproper #pincommunity #pinlord #simpsonfans #mypingame #patchgame #pinz A photo posted by SimpPins 📍 (@simppins) on Dec 8, 2016 at 11:27am PST  ...

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Spongebob, Simpsons & Pokemon Pins

We have pins incoming very soon! You might have noticed the Pokedex Pin and the Doodlebob Pin are up for pre-order again, they're being remade and should be with me very soon!. But then what is the other Pin? It's a new Simpson themed lapel pin, one of my favourite characters so I hope you like it!. It might be easy to guess from the picture, or it may not be! Eitherway it'll be dropping very soon so stay tuned.  Make sure to follow our social media pages to get an update or sign up to our newsletter.

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Mewman Tattoo!?

You know you've finally made it in life when someone gets a tattoo of your design.  Huge shout out to Professional Skater Ryan Reyes and his wife who tattooed Mewman, in all his glory, onto Ryan. Check it out below:   My wife ( @an1ssareyes ) has been learning to tattoo lately! Thanks for The Simpsons X Pokemon "Hans Mewman" tattoo tonight!!! created by @simppins ! P.s. Friends!?!... can you say #freetattoos! #😝🍻🎉 😂 A photo posted by Ryan🎉Reyes (@ryrey) on Jul 19, 2016 at 9:42pm PDT   This has seriously made my day! It's so awsome, we have Mewman stickers on our site too - Check them out here!

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