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Mysterious Stranger Pin

Mysterious Stranger Pin



"Who is he? Why does he help? Who cares! The Mysterious Stranger will appear occasionally in V.A.T.S. to lend a hand, with deadly efficiency..."

The Mysterious Stranger Pin from SimpPins is the perfect companion in the wasteland.

Limited edition 1.2" soft enamel pin from SimpPins


Mysterious Stranger Bugs

  • On occasions, the Mysterious Stranger will appear too close to the target, preventing him from taking a shot and killing the target. This is random and doesn't appear to be related to distance to target.
  • If you target a Vertibird in V.A.T.S., the Mysterious Stranger may appear, but will not shoot at the Vertibird.
  • If the mysterious stranger appears while using VATS on a mounted weapon he will appear in the ceiling and will not damage the turret, This may also sometimes cause game crashes.

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